WHS 1969 Annual


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  1. Lloyd, thanks for the online yearbook.

    wow 4.5 decades have pasted since HS. nice to see the old yearbook online. my yearbook is somewhere, hope to find it one day. nice to see pictures of all those young 17 year olds.

    thanks for all your hard work on the yearbook and website.

    still live in Pearl City.

    Mahalo frank

  2. Thanks, Lloyd, for putting the Annual on the website. It really brought back some pleasant memories. So nice to revisit the past for a moment. Keep up the great job you’re doing and say “Aloha” to all the gang!

  3. Hi Lloyd,
    Thanks so much for taking the time to put the Annual online! It’s so much easier to access and in better condition than my actual yearbook, which was in sad shape (cockroach & mildew ravaged) the last time I saw it a few years ago. I know it probably took you awhile to put this together and we appreciate your good work!
    Alma Kubota

  4. A small “slice” of time 1965 through 1969 in a small town in Hawaii. In terms of the history of Hawaii and the USA, a drop in the bucket! But a lifetime of memories for these some 500 hundred seniors. If we only knew where everyone of these people were now and what they have experienced in their lives until now, this drop in the bucket becomes something significant
    I encourage you all to contribute your comments and hopefully some memories so that we all can enjoy hearing from you.

    Aloha and maybe we’ll see you this year at the reunion?
    Lloyd Kurashima

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