Welcome Marauders, classmates and friends


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  1. I have to ask, thinking about 1950s pear city. Shop-Rite, PC Market, lehue market, Scott’s drive in.

    I remember those places, does anybody have any picture of the 1950s old army maƱana housing in pearl city i don’t have any. Across the street from foodland. Would like to see pictures of my old home.


  2. Aloha kakou, I’m looking for program agenda info for the up and coming Class Reunion Aug 27th, Why I’m asking. Having a plan will keep the event on track and in order to making sure you get all your concern layout in a timely matter, just a food of thought. Will we have a band, not saying the last band we had was not at it best, they were Awesome, and great for dinner band and it would be great to see them back. How’s about LS 34 Band to “Rock” off the night with a bang!… Here’s info might be a help, I’ve seen and gotten this info from Waipahu class of 1970 site: LS34 Music from the 60’s and 70’s. Contact:
    Alvin Fejarang, he could be a big help with this. Please this is just a suggestion..`A `ole pilikia
    Looking forward to seeing you all. Rodney Kilborn

  3. Remember the mosquito truck we use to run behind and chase em. Also when they use to burn surgar cane the ash would fall from the sky ending on clothes you just hung on the line. After all the years have pass we still have a lot of respect when we see one another.

    • Bobo, Good to see you the other night having fun at Coral Creek Golf Club. Thanks for your comment. Yes, I was one of the “lolo” guys running after the mosquito man with Jaime Picoc. That’s why we stay brain damage.

  4. Mahalo for creating this website and posting pics… brings back a lot of memories… have not attended recent reunions…perhaps for the 50th… Thanks again…
    John Alejado

  5. I cant remember that far back, moved to Waipahu in 1965. But I went to Dr Theodore Tomita, Raymond Honda’s uncle.I remember from the bridge going up to elementary school there where stores Dr Tomita’s office, Hidouchi saimin etc. I went there once when there was heavy rain, the river wash very high and flooded the saimin stand. When I moved to Waipahu I had a hard time understanding the Filipino accent. First teacher I had was Mrs Tutor ( 6th grade) dam that accent almost never pass. I never wore shoes to school all the way to eight grade. I can remember all the good stores, samin stand, okazuas, smell of molasse, old Filipino ladies smoking tosh kane ( rope tobacco ). Some thing the younger generation will never experience, Plantation Life.

  6. AWESOME! I remember some of that, dont forget summer fun

  7. … to all the “AZN” wahines I knew, I didn’t know, or wish I had … … you are all remembered with a smile … What I was thinkin’ at the time “don’t count”! …

  8. …. Come On Folks … Write of what you remember …. “Words, not spoken, never heard … Thoughts, not written, never read … Lost in Time, Lost forever…”

  9. … OKAY … of things unsaid … To Donna Oshiro, now Furumoto … In elementry school I never understood why it was that so many guys thought “Faye” was prettier ??? … You were always so full of life and ready to laugh, eyes behind those glasses so wide in delight ! … Faye used to walk around with a sort of slump to her shoulders, you always had a small bounce ready to bust out and stood up proud and without hesitation. I always liked that ! … Sadly, Reynolds watched over you then like a Hawk !

  10. …. The “Buggah” who made up this site, I have called “friend” from so far back I don’t even remember where or how we met ? … (Most likely in kindergarten) … Adventures and misdeeds over years between Lloyd, Wayne , Conrad , Kenneth , Sometimes Earl , Dean, and even Glenn from cross town by St. Joes. … The world was as far as were might choose to travel, juss be home before the street lights come on or get “Good Lickins'” … Fair warning though ??? don’t stick your tongue out at Lloyd, if he has a pairs of sissors ! He might have a childhood flash back ! …. But for all that, I, as a kid growing up, couldn’t have had a better compadre in crime than Lloyd ! … After all “HE” came up with all the ideas !

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